The JS-Gauge –
a new innovative bite registration made in Germany

"The new JS-Gauge combines a standardised procedure with previously unknown precision in the determination of the bite position (jaw relation). Several years of development coupled with many years of experience have led to an innovative product."
Dr. Dr. med. Jörg Schlieper, M.Sc. Implantology

Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The determination of the bite position with the JS-Gauge – in sleep medicine, orthodontics and functional therapy

Only with the help of so-called bite forks such as the JS-Gauge can the dentist determine the bite position of each individual patient. The JS-Gauge is inserted between the maxillary and mandibular teeth and thus enables the dentist to set and register the optimal bite position. This registration with the JS-Gauge forms the basis for the fabrication of mandibular advancement device (MAD) in sleep medicine, orthodontic appliances, or TMJ-splints.

The JS-Gauge for all jaw sizes – innovative design for ergonomic use

The need for different bite fork sizes, grinding or trimming is completely eliminated. The JS-Gauge is compatible with any jaw size in adolescents and adults. After applying the impression material (A-silicones) to the lateral wing inner areas (marked in red), the JS-Gauge is placed on the maxillary teeth in the mouth. The spacer (highlighted in green) is positioned between the two anterior teeth. Through the patient’s bite and the curing of the impression material, the JS-Gauge is securely positioned.

The JS-Gauge fastens securely to the upper teeth – for a reliable application

Once bitten, the impression material (A-silicone) is poured over the anterior openings of the JS-Gauge without material entering the oral cavity. After curing the impression material, the mouth can be opened and the JS-Gauge sits securely on the upper jaw and is ready for use.

The JS-Gauge leaves the palate free and covers the teeth only partially (minimally) – for optimal comfort during treatment

The JS-Gauge ensures free breathing even during the application. Due to the reductionist design approach in the front part of the JS-Gauge, the airway remains open. Palate and throat remain free. An irritation that would lead to a feeling of tightness is thus excluded.

The JS-Gauge leaves the front and side teeth partially free – for a verifiable bite position under view

The JS-Gauge optimises the orientation for a secure clinical setting of the bite position. The maxillary anterior teeth remain visible at all times and thus the mandible midline can be optimally adjusted according to the dental findings. Furthermore, the JS-Gauge leaves the posterior teeth visible in the upper jaw. This allows precise setting and checking of the obstruction under view. Thus, the JS-Gauge helps to find the right vertical opening for each dental therapy device to be manufactured.

The JS-Gauge with horizontally and vertically adjustable support pins – for an individual 3D adjustment of the bite position

By adjusting the support pins (turquoise) of the JS-Gauge, the lower jaw is adjusted in the desired bite position. The JS-Gauge allows a step-less adjustment in both vertical (vertical opening) and horizontal (protrusion, retrusion) direction. Also in the case of center line deviation, a lateral stepless adjustment in the horizontal is possible. The JS-Gauge thus ensures an individual 3D adjustment of the bite position.

The JS-Gauge for digital application

Once the desired bite position has been set, impression material is encrypted with A-silicone between the first two upper and lower jaw incisors and the vertical support pin. The freely visible upper and lower jaw teeth allow immediate registration of the bite position with intra-oral scanners. Impression material between the lateral rows of teeth, a removal of the bite fork and trimming with repositioning is completely eliminated. With the JS-Gauge, the treatment process can be accelerated considerably – with a high level of comfort for the patient and for a completely digital workflow.

The JS-Gauge for analogue application

If the desired bite position is set, the posterior area is encoded with A-silicone. After removing the JS gauge from the mouth, these encryptions can be trimmed out of the JS- Gauge and the JS-Gauge is ready for the next encryption after reinserting. Thus, multiple bite registration with the same JS-Gauge can be performed on the same patient – for ergonomic use.

SleepLikeMe-Medical GmbH i. Gr.
Dr. Dr. Jörg Schlieper, M.Sc.
Gräflingsberg 16, D-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany

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